Over 80% of a campaign’s success is determined by understanding your target audience and what offer to put in front of them 80% STRATEGIC SERVICES For more info visit tribunedirect.com or call now, 1.800.545.9657 Strategically connect brands with your best customers and prospects — true data-driven marketing from strategy through post-campaign analysis. WE GET TO KNOW YOUR BRAND Identifying your targets starts with brand strategy. From there we profile, model and map targets that are most likely to engage, setting you up for successful customer acquisition. GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH DATA AND ANALYTICS Save time and team energy through better visibility into marketing metrics with Execulytics™ and our Customer Insights Dashboards to easily see and understand purchase behaviors and track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) CREATIVE THAT CONNECTS WITH YOUR AUDIENCE From offer and format recommendations, integrated testing strategies to finished design and layout, we strive to be a seamless extension of your brand experience. WE MEASURE SUCCESS AND CONTINUALLY OPTIMIZE Through our proprietary data mining technology, world class analytics, and on-going tracking and optimization, we discover who is most likely to convert, making your campaigns become more effective than ever. STRATEGIC SERVICES