Today’s consumer requires 4 touch-points on average before making a purchase. 4X MULTICHANNEL MARKETING We help optimize your marketing investment and integrate your acquisition and retention strategies across multiple channels online and off. INTEGRATING YOUR BRAND ACROSS MEDIA Everything starts with a robust contact and channel strategy that helps us deliver your brand experience across channels to the right audience at the right time with the right message. REACH AND ENGAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS ONLINE We provide branded multichannel digital solutions that work: • Personalized URLs: PURLs provide a powerful online response channel for Direct Mail • Display Ads: One-to-One IP Targeting and Re-Targeting Solutions •  Social Marketing: Build Custom Audiences based on Direct Mail lists, PRIZM segments, or Lookalikes EMAIL DEDICATED TO ACQUISITION We specialize in building effective segments and profiles by demographic elements, lifestyle characteristics, purchase behavior and geographic details. • Household-level matching and synchronization helps turn your direct mail lists into a multichannel brand experience PERSONALIZED AND CUSTOMIZED DIRECT MAIL We specialize in delivering the right customized message and we will help guide you with proven trusted formats or ones customized to your needs and desires, adhering to efficient postal standards.