Marketing Automation can boost sales productivity by 14.5%, and lower marketing overhead by 12.2% 14.5% MARKETING AUTOMATION For more info visit or call now, 1.800.545.9657 With Gizmo, Tribune Direct’s marketing automation and campaign management tool, you’re in complete control of every campaign. YOUR MARKETING CUSTOMIZED Gizmo is a secure outbound marketing automation platform built for your complete customization. With so many features to customize you can import or build a list, schedule, use maps for targeting, and customize your creative. AUTOMATE YOUR MARKETING Gizmo automates regular pieces of your marketing plans into one easy-to-use landscape. With the help of Gizmo modules, you choose what you need to plan, schedule, execute and report on your marketing. MULTI-LOCATION MANAGEMENT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS With each location Gizmo can have a customized site for you to create marketing campaigns to your geography needs. Gizmo ensures your corporate branding, event dates and trade areas are all met. YOUR CAMPAIGNS MANAGED With Gizmo’s modular tool set, you can handle all of your campaign management needs. Set up different campaigns, make sure that email and direct mail are sent out for all locations.