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Marketing Automation

Gizmo, Tribune Direct's marketing automation tool, puts you in complete control of every campaign.
Gizmo is our easy-to-use online marketing tool that can improve direct mail efficiency, maximize results and enhance quality control. It's secure, modular — choose only the modules you need — and, best of all, it saves you and your team time.

Data Automation

Upload a marketing data file to Gizmo and it will automatically be cleaned, de-duped and postal verified. Afterwards you can use Gizmo to search for new marketing targets expanding the reach and effectiveness of your marketing effort.
Tribune Direct Marketing Automation Gizmo Screen
Tribune Direct Marketing Automation Gizmo Screen

Manage Your Locations

Got hundreds or thousands of locations to manage? Right from your first order, you can enter and edit locations and associate them with your marketing campaigns. Every location you enter will automatically be geocoded and checked for address accuracy against Google Maps. We can even provide secure data feeds to any device for daily or weekly updates.

Online Proofing Tool

Whether you upload layouts or use predefined templates, Gizmo converts all your marketing materials into the same, easy to use online proof so you can track, collect user edits and approve the final on any device. No plug-ins or Adobe Acrobat needed!
Tribune Direct Marketing Automation Gizmo Screen

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