The Hidden Costs of CPU-Driven Direct Mail

Choosing a direct mail partner based on CPU alone can kill a campaign before it gets started.

We’re not saying that marketers shouldn’t attempt to increase their ROI by lowering their CPU. But when choosing a direct mail partner, it’s crucial that you look beyond cost. Look instead for a partner who can make your direct mail better – not just cheaper.

Let’s take a look at the 3 hidden costs of CPU-driven direct mail.

Hidden Cost #1: CPU-driven direct mail takes dangerous short cuts

      Best practices tend to get shoved aside when cost per unit becomes the determining factor for choosing a direct mail partner. Techniques that could improve response rates may be bypassed to save money. Easy-to-print formats may be substituted for industry-proven executions. Test strategies may be less disciplined, yield less reliable results.

Hidden Cost #2: CPU-driven direct mail can cost you a wealth of direct response expertise
We’re so much more than printing and lettershop services. Our clients turn to us for sophisticated data services, advanced analytics, automation tools, mail tracking and strategic expertise in design and copywriting. We also offer complementary digital marketing tactics that can significantly improve your response rates.

Hidden Cost #3: CPU-driven direct mail usually results in a higher CPL
The best measure of direct mail performance is Cost Per Lead: how much it costs to generate a response from a prospect. Our experience has shown that the most inexpensive direct mail format typically achieves the highest Cost Per Lead. Be willing to spend a little bit more on the format in order to achieve dramatically better results – and a lower CPL.

How to avoid the hidden costs of CPU-driven direct mail.
For your next direct mail campaign, look for a partner who is not only competitively priced, but brings value-added direct response expertise to your campaign. We can help you avoid the hidden costs of CPU-driven direct mail by offering:

  • Cost-effective direct mail formats proven across a wide array of vertical markets
  • Advanced print technology and innovative automation tools that enhance direct mail performance and speed to market
  • Turnkey capabilities to take you from concept to completion without a hitch
  • A higher return on your marketing investment

Taking a results-driven rather than CPU-driven approach to direct mail can pay big dividends for you. Let us show you how.